Estonia is a remarkably safe country.

Obviously it is not totally crime-free, but very few incidents affect tourists. In fact this is one of the reasons why we attract many of our visitors. They feel happy on our streets during the day and equally so during the evening.

Pick-pockets are a danger in the markets. As anywhere else, please keep your valuables in the hotel and hide your cash away from view. Do you really need your mobile phone or your passport? If not, leave them behind when you go out for a walk.

Every business has to give you a receipt from a cash register. Always take it and make sure it tallies with what you have been asked to pay.

Late at night around seedy bars, there are always those happy to end your naughty evening with a shock. Behave sensibly at all times and nothing will go wrong. You can still have great fun!

When driving, make sure you have had absolutely no alcohol beforehand. We believe in zero tolerance and strictly enforce it.

Don’t cross the road unless the pedestrian light is green. Even if you think it is safe to cross on the red light, you never know where traffic may come from. Do wait the necessary few seconds and then you will be absolutely safe.

Reflectors are mandatory in Estonia - be sure to attach one to your clothes, purse, backbag and bicycle pedals.

Our police are there to help you. Don’t hesitate to approach them if you are worried. Most speak English well or, if they don’t, will quickly find a colleague who does.

The emergency number for reaching the police is 110, which works from mobiles too, and remember 112 instead for the fire brigade or an ambulance.

In the countryside, be very careful about smoking in dry weather . Do you really want to cause a forest fire?

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