Estonia is progressing quickly to meet European legislation on provisions for the disabled.

Public attitude to people with disabilities is improving fast too.

Estonians are helpful and generally sensitive to disabled visitors’ needs so do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it.

For several years, the major galleries and museums have provided proper entry access for wheelchairs, lifts and customised toilets.

New public buildings are all disabled- friendly too and on public transport the stops are called out.

Guide dogs are more or less welcome everywhere.

Newer and higher quality hotels have good access and usually offer several bedrooms with widened doors.

A few parts of Tallinn Old Town are steep with steps or cobbles and so some access is restricted.

Tallinn airport and harbour personnel are friendly and available to assist plus both locations are disabled-friendly and quite small.

Most of Estonia is flat – both cities and countryside, those with mobility problems can achieve more on their own in Estonia than is possible in other countries.

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