It’s always advisable to take medical insurance before travelling abroad so speak to your travel agent or insurance provider about that.

If you take, or are likely to require, medication regularly then it’s also advisable to carry a letter from doctor explaining your needs.

Pharmacies are well stocked with basic and prescription medicines but note that some medicines that are available in stores and supermarkets in other countries - such as Aspirin and various ointments - are only available in pharmacies in Estonia.

Herbal remedies and other organic products are also available in some supermarkets and nature shops.

Estonia’s medical services are as good as, if not better, than those in most other EU countries. After independence, we were able to combine the Soviet idea of free care for all with Western standards of knowledge and hygiene. We can now be proud of our national health service. There are also private clinics.

In case you need health care while staying in Estonia (for EU citizens):
Check if the provider of health care service has a contract with Estonian Health Insurance Fund (private care is not refundable)
Present your European health insurance card
In case you do not have an European health insurance card, request your institution of the place of residence to fax the Certificate provisionally replacing the European health insurance card
In case you do not have a European health insurance card and it is not possible to get the Certificate provisionally replacing the European health insurance card, the doctor has a right to present you the bill. Make sure you get the so called doctor’s explanation form (list of the health care services received)
In case of reimbursement, present the paid bills, documents of payment and doctor’s explanation form to institution of the place of residence
Only the necessary medical care is reimbursed (which has become necessary during your stay in Estonia)

Do consider spa treatments whilst you are here. It may well prevent you from falling ill on a future visit! This you will need to pay for but the after-effects are so good that you will happy you did.

Should you need an ambulance or any emergency help, call 112. The operators will speak English but for speed it will obviously help if an Estonian helps with the call. The number for the family doctor helpline is 1220, but again ask locals to make the call since there is no guarantee that the doctor on call will speak English.

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