In general two following visas are relevant for the average tourist or business person visiting Indonesia:

The visit visa to be taken at the air- or seaport allows the involved in the activities mentioned in enclosure.
It is valid for 30 days and can be extended in Immigration Office for one time for 30 days.

If the visitor wants to stay longer in Indonesia the visa should be applied at an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.

The free exemption visa
The country may be visited for free or no fees, which means no visa is required when entering Indonesia.
But this type of visa is only for tourist purposes, no business meetings or activities.
When caught, an arrest and deportation will follow.
This type of visa will be given for 30 days and is not extendable.
If a visitor arrives at the airport other than for tourism, he must ask for a Visit Visa on Arrival and refuses the issuance of a Free Exemption Visa and tell he is coming for a business meeting, social activity or family meeting and request a visit visa on arrival.

If the country is not mentioned on a list, a visa must be requested at an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.


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